Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For That Person On Your List That Has Everything

As we enter the holiday season most of us have gift-giving on the brain.  You probably have at least one or two people that you just aren't sure what to buy for.  Scented candle, cologne, one of those tins with the three flavors of popcorn that is painted with a winter scene...none of those items striking your fancy?  Well, look no further, I found a little gem that would be a perfect gift for any age, any gender right here in Indonesia...

For the bargain price of just around eleven U.S. dollars you can pick up this fantastic magical hen.  As you can see it's not the old, tired magical egg-laying hen that you might think, nope, this is the all new edtiion (see the upper right corner of the package).  That means, by the way, that if this is truly a remake of an older version, that somehow this must be an item in demand enough to come out with a new and improved product...I find that somewhat surprising.  Not that I am demeaning the hen, I mean just look at  the package, it's good, new, electronic, and most importantly, magical!!!  What child, or adult for that matter, wouldn't be thrilled to find this little wonder of the poultry world under the Christmas tree with their name on it?!  

"Look what Aunt Ruth got you honey!"

"Is it a bike, a Wii, or maybe an Ipod?"

"No, it's a magical hen complete with eggs."

"Wow, that's just what I was hoping for, forget the rest of those pesky gifts, my Christmas is complete!"

As you make your Christmas shopping lists, don't forget about this spectacular item for those hard-to-buy -for people that refuse to make a list.  After receiving one of these beauties they are sure to communicate their Christmas wishes quite clearly next year!


  1. hmmm...how would the Christmas-morning-present-squishing-and-shaking go with this one?!

  2. It's funny that you mentioned "Aunt Ruth"...my mom's name is Ruth, and I have some cousins that would actually like getting a magical hen from their Aunt Ruth.