Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Little Blessings

Just had to give a quick shout out to God for the little blessings He gives just at the perfect time.

I headed out to the grocery stores today feeling pretty deflated-not excited about enduring another shopping trip full of stares, people yelling out to me, confusion about money (on my part, I can't seem to get that everything is in quantities of thousands, it gets frustrating), and looking for items that are usually not to be found.  I am planning to make a roast chicken dinner on Christmas day with mashed potatoes and stuffing.  I need celery for the stuffing, but that is an item that is hardly ever available.  I wrote it on my list with little hope of locating it...but as I walked to the back of the fruit and vegetable store, low and behold, there it was, lovely fresh celery!  A smile spread across my face as I gladly picked the bundle of celery stalks up and put it in my basket.  I couldn't help reflecting that my life sure has changed from this time last year, when I am filled with joy at finding celery at the grocery store!

I moved on to the next store looking for a difficult-to-find gem, American barbecue sauce.  I've looked for this item for weeks without any luck, but there it was, sitting on the shelf smiling at me!  Hooray!  I got one of the last bottles available.

Lastly, and most unexpected, they were selling bags of tiny clementine oranges at the fruit market.  Every year that I can remember my mom would buy clementines at Christmas and put one in the toe of my stocking and my brother's stocking.  I never thought I would find clementines here in Tarakan-I wasn't even going to bother to look.  As I stood in the hot, dusty market I held the mesh bag of clementines up to my face and I could smell the fresh, citrus scent.  I knew this was a special gift for me, a gift of familiarity, of home.

I headed home from shopping, certainly not all better or totally happy (I almost got hit by a huge sand truck, which didn't improve my attitude about living here-although I guess I can count it a BIG blessing that I wasn't hit!), but knowing that in the midst of the frustrations and exhaustion of life so far from home, the Lord gives me small blessings to help me through.

Keep your eyes open for all the little blessings-they are surely there in the midst of whatever circumstances you are facing.

My Darling Clementines


  1. Oh My Darlin', Oh My Darlin', Oh My Darlin' Sara Beth, you're not lost or gone forever, but I miss you nonetheless. Be grateful you don't have to listen to me sing that little ditty!
    I was thinking of our Christmas together last year at Jill's: watching The Newlyweds cuddle, the cousins (both generations) interacting, and just being with the entire family for the first time in many, many years. Christmas will never be the same for any of us, but I am trying hard to focus on what I have, not what I have lost. I haven't sent out any Christmas cards yet, so let me just wish you and Chris a very Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. Love, Aunt Nancy

  2. I love how our King of Kings knows us so well that He gives us those tiny blessings at the perfect time...hence making them huge blessings! Our King sure knows how to give gifts!

  3. Love the blogs. Have a house full of company but will comment in the future now that Tom set me up. Love to you both.