Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Because I'm SO NOT a good photographer...

This past Sunday was the Muslim celebration of Idul Adha.  It was marked in Tarakan, and I'm sure throughout the world, with extended services at the Mosques on Saturday night at sundown, more pronounced early morning prayers, and the sacrifice of cows (and other animals) in many Mosques, homes, and even in the street.  Chris went out to visit some of his Muslim friends, while I unfortunately stayed home with a yucky stomach.  One of the other guys on the MAF team, Dave, is an amazing photographer and he captured Idul Adha beautifully.  So, as I said, since I am so not a good photographer, here's a link to Dave's blog so you can get a peek at this holiday that I didn't even know existed until I moved to Indonesia.

Aren't the children gorgeous?

Isn't the devotion amazing?

I'm convicted by the commitment to prayer as a community here...do you devote yourself to prayer like that with fellow believers?  I know I don't.

Living here is humbling in so many ways, I am constantly aware of how much I have to learn, how far I have to go.

I pray to keep growing, to listen and learn more than I speak, and share whatever I am able to.


  1. This is what makes Islam so enticing to so many. Their devotion and enthusiasm, something missing in American Christianity. But, here is some good news! Starting this Friday eve-Saturday afternoon, there is a huge prayer rally taking place at Ford Field. Google The Call Detroit to read more about this event. Thousands of believers in Jesus Christ are expected to attend. Please keep Detroit, the state of Michigan and all of America in your prayers as the 2012 Presidential elections approach. This will be a central focus at the prayer rally as America faces increasing amounts of financial uncertainty and moral decline. Know too, that we will be praying for all nations and all peoples for the hand of God to move and heal.

  2. Btw, those were some pretty amazing photos. Very journalesque ( I think I just made that word up).