Friday, February 3, 2012


As I write this critter is just one room away from me...

It's a bit hard to see him in this picture, but this monitor lizard wandered into our storage area today (we keep it open to the outside during the day because it is poorly ventilated and gets damp and moldy if we don't).  I was sitting at the table working on something when I heard a scuffling noise from the side door into our storage room and I looked out just in time to see the lizard's long tail slide behind one of the stacks of plastic storage bins we have out there.  My first thought after my initial "Eeek!" was to get a picture.  This was hard to do without getting too close and I wasn't about to venture anywhere near the beastie's hiding place, no way!  I snapped this one of him peaking out from behind the can see his eye glowing...

When he finally ventured out I got the better shot of him that I showed you first, and scared him away in the process so he is hiding again.  

It's all fine and good that I got some pictures and now have this story to tell you, but now I would like this little monster out of our storage room...I'm really not wanting him to decide he likes the place and take up residence.  I am NOT interested in a reptilian surprise next time I move around the boxes to look for more contact solution or home decorations.  I text messaged Chris at work and he promptly answered with a text asking me to trap the lizard in the storage room because one of the other MAF guys wants it, presumably to show his kids.  

So here I sit, snacking on popcorn and writing to you with a large lizard imprisoned in the room just off my kitchen waiting for the guys show up after 5pm .

Nothing like keeping life exciting.

I wonder if monitor lizards like popcorn?

I'll keep you posted.


  1. I think I can figure out who wanted it. I want it, too! Lizards are cool!

  2. Makes me appreciate the occasional spider we get here!

  3. I removed a window a/c once only to have baby birds hopping around my bedroom. Very strange as it was in September. I called Brian in a panic for help as they were not easy to catch. Two went under the bed, another under the dresser, 2 in the closet and another just sat on top of the register. I couldn't believe how many there were. We both donned latex gloves and gently put them back and added some foam to the nest as I did not want to put the a/c back on top of them and risk crushing them, nor did I want to leave them so exposed to the wind. One of them kept trying to hop back in. One hopped to the ground, but, despite falling 2 floors, seemed fine, amazingly. It was gently picked up with gloved hands and put back. The whole nest and babies were gone the next day. No idea what happened. Did see some of the nest on the ground/on driveway. Maybe wind? I hoped that perhaps they flew away.