Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An Experience I Hoped Never To Have

Remember my last post when I said that not much was going on and less momentous events seem to be occurring as compared to when we first arrived?

Remind me to never say something like that again. 

Our house was broken into last week while I was out during the day. My laptop was the only thing taken, which is a blessing, but, of course the most significant thing that was stolen was my peace of mind.

I talk more about my thought process in dealing with all this on the MAF here for the link.

Your prayers for our safety and security as well as for the rest of our team would be appreciated. Our house was one of several that have been broken into in our neighborhood in the past few weeks, and just today a man with a crow bar and an empty bag was seen in the jungle by one of our teammates's empty houses. 

Thanks for your prayers.

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