Saturday, June 11, 2011

Delightful Products

I haven’t done a post with any fabulous Indonesian products lately, so I thought I would share a few gems that Chris and I noticed while out and about lately.

We’ll start in the beauty aisle, where I saw this lotion…

I know cosmetic companies emphasize staying young, but this lotion truly goes back to the womb!  Notice how it’s called “whitening” lotion-many Indonesian people covet light skin, so most of the beauty products here are “whitening”, which basically means they leave a white, powdery coating on the skin.  It’s actually difficult to find lotion without “whitening” properties.

Let’s move on to a more personal area of the store-toileting…

Really, having to wear adult diapers has to be humiliating enough without calling them “Dr. P”-seriously, Dr. P!!!  That’s just unnecessary.

Feeling thirsty?  How about some of this delicious-sounding nectar?

And fear not, if you read the fine print you will be relieved to see that it indeed includes jelly bits, because how could you experience the true taste of a birds nest without gelatinous chunks involved?  There are actually large structures all over the city that are built specifically for collecting bird nests to make Bird’s Nest Soup, a Chinese delicacy, and drinks such as this one.  It’s kind of funny because the structures continuously play a soundtrack of fake tweets to attract birds-sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the real bird songs and the fabricated calls!

What to do when your breath is not-so-fresh?  How about a few of these…

The delicious combination of mint and barley is sure to be enticing-blech!!!

A quick jaunt through the office supplies and I came upon this notebook with quite an interesting cover…

Vitamin+Rabbit-what are they promoting?  And then somehow oranges are involved too?  Apparently whatever this wonder product is it guarantees “sweet and relaxing dreams” AND a “fresh and vibrant feeling”-amazing!  The most confusing thing about this is that it is on a child’s school notebook-how does it all relate?  So weird!

And last, but certainly not least, a cleaning product that is straight from the Heavens above…

Chris found this and we were about dying laughing-who wants the Swiffer when you can have the God Trailer?  Clearly the latter is infinitely better!  I mean, with the mighty God Trailer, “drag ground is not the bitter work anymore”, who can argue with that?!  

Just had to share those with you because I thought they were great fun!  I haven’t gone so far as to test drive any of these dynamic goods, so who knows, Bird’s Nest Drink could be my new favorite beverage.  My experiences here have at times proven and at others defied the adage “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”. 

Have a good week!


  1. Oh my goodness...I laughed so hard!!! :) Glad you're finding things to laugh about!

  2. Glad it gave you a chuckle, Lori! I love your painting by the way-you have a gift!

  3. This is good...this is real good. LOL! I am requesting some of that lotion for Nan for after we deliver. It just seems right.

  4. I'll send some your way Will!