Monday, June 27, 2011


Here I am, finally finishing out last week on Tuesday of this week!  I must make excuse though.  Sunday afternoon I came down with a sore throat and a nasty sinus cold.  I spent the rest of Sunday and much of yesterday in bed or on the couch being taken care of by my husband-what a great guy!  I’m not feeling a whole lot better today, but good enough to sit in front of my laptop and write about Saturday before I forget everything that happened.


7:30am – Woke up and Chris was already up and ready for the day.  It’s was a different Saturday than normal because, as I mentioned earlier in the week, Chris was going into work to get some important avionics stuff done on one of the airplanes.  We ate breakfast together before he left.

8:00am – Chris left for work and I relaxed-on Saturdays we usually don’t do much except rest and that was on my agenda for the day! 

9:00am – Talked with a friend from the States that I haven’t chatted with in awhile.  It probably seems like I spend a lot of time talking to people on Skype, but the truth is it tends to be feast or famine and this week happened to be one of the feast weeks.  About one week a month it seems like I talk with quite a few friends on Skype and the rest of the month I mostly just talk with my mom & dad.  Anyway, I had a nice talk with my friend-she and I like to cook together when I am home in Michigan, so we always have fun talking about the latest things we have made.  During the phone call I was laying on our guest room bed and I saw something moving outside the window fairly close to the house.  I got up to investigate and realized it was a little calf that had somehow gotten away from the rest of the cows (cattle? I never know what to call them) and was grazing right by our guest room window!  The calf let out a loud “moooo” and headed off down the hill when it saw me-I was laughing so hard!

10:30am – Finally got dressed and ready for the day-lazy bones!!!  Talked to my mom and grandma for a few minutes.  They are up at our family cottage on Lake Huron this weekend.  I felt a bit homesick when we hung up-I want to be there with them walking on the beach looking for beach glass, browsing at the little quaint shops in town, reading on the lounge chair in the side yard…owww-that hurts my heart! 

11:30am – Put together lunch for Chris and I, but then Chris called saying he would be working through lunch to try to get done early.  He also proposed we have the other MAF guy he was working with that day, the only single guy on our program, over for dinner that night.  I agreed, we hung up, and I ate lunch by myself.

12:00pm – Decided what to make for dinner, very simple, Sloppy Joes (seriously one of the worst names for a food item-I should call them something else just so I feel better about serving them), oven-roasted potatoes, and veggies and dip.  I took the meat out to thaw and did some prep work for the meal, chopping up veggies and stuff.  I don’t usually work on dinner so early in the day, but for some reason I was feeling inspired.

12:30pm – Okay I’m having a hard time remembering what I did next…I think I brainstormed some decorating options for the guest room walls, spent some time on Pinterest, and looked at one of the great magazines that I received in a package not long ago.  It was a relaxing kind of afternoon.

2:00pm – Chris got home early-yay!  We headed out to run some errands soon after he got home.  We needed some hardware to hang up pictures in the guest room, an extension cord, and I wanted to buy some craft supplies.  All this took about an hour to get done, mainly because it took forever at the hardware store to find nails and stuff that were the right size and we had to buy the extension cord power strip piece by piece since all the ready-made ones looked like they had been sitting there for years, all dirty and gross.

3:00pm – We returned home and watched a little TV Chris had downloaded.  Chris was tired from his day and happy to rest, which is what we did until it was time for me to cook dinner.

5:00pm – I got dinner going and Chris started working on assembling the extension cord and putting up pictures and stuff in the guest room.

6:00pm – Our dinner guest arrived and we ate the simple, but yummy dinner.  After dinner the guys finished putting wall décor up in the guest room and watched a movie.  I cleaned up from dinner and took out the canvases and paper that I had bought that afternoon and got into creating mode, trying to figure out how to make a fun wall hanging with a Michigan map.  I have an idea in mind now, I just have to find a way to make some Mod Podge substitute and I will be in business.  All the recipes I have found for make-your-own Mod Podge include sugar, which the ants here would be all over in a few minutes-yuck.  I’ve also seen some recipes with watered-down glue, but I haven’t been successful finding the right type of glue here.  I’ll figure something out-making things here (and cooking here) requires lots of creativity!

9:30pm – The guys were done watching their movie and our guest headed home.  Chris and I talked and hung out until we headed for bed around 11:00pm. 

The guest bedroom so far-I still want to put something(s) on the wall over the desk

Wall decor in the guest room (on the wall the bed is facing)

That’s the week-now you have an idea of what my days are like here.  Nothing thrilling or too crazy happened (at least not this week), and that is fine by me!  It will be interesting to do this type of post again at this time next year and see how much my days have changed.

Thanks for experiencing the week with me! 

Now I need to go blow my nose for 278th time since Sunday-ugh. 

Talk to you later!   

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  1. The guest room looks great! It makes me want to sleep in there. :)